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Electrical retailer Comet is aiming to improve the online shopping experience of its customers in the busy run up to Christmas and New Year, with a new application performance monitoring and management tool from Quest.

Comet is using Quest's Foglight system to enable it to record, replay and analyse customer online interactions and proactively react to any bottlenecks pinpointed by the system.

Foglight is designed to automatically resolve any service availability or performance issue before it can impact on Comet's online customers, reducing the time required to deal with it.

Comet said it will also benefit from cost savings generated by the implementation through "streamlined tools and optimised hardware".

Michael Young, architecture and design manager at Comet, said: "We saw value immediately with Foglight during the first week of implementation - it highlighted issues that we were previously unaware of, enabling my team to address them straight away."

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