Dorset County Council has become the first body to connect to its county-wide Public Services Network (PSN) framework agreement, which was procured in July last year.

Managed communication services provider Kcom worked with the council to connect it to the ‘network-of-networks’, which provides a range of communications services to 400 sites across the county, including offices, libraries and schools.

Dorset had a strict deadline to complete the transition over to the PSN before its existing connectivity contract expired, Elaine Taylor, director for corporate resources at the Council explained.

“We’re delighted that together Kcom and the County Council have been able to complete the roll out of the WAN within our deadline,” she said.

“The completion is a tremendous step in creating easier pathways for shared public services for Dorset residents by enabling more coordinated working between government departments and agencies in the county.”

The PSN is core to the government’s ICT Strategy and the Cabinet Office hopes that in three years’ time 80 percent of its PC-based staff (four million users) will be on the network.

In recent months the government has announced a number of suppliers that have been successful at bidding for work under the PSN Services and PSN connectivity frameworks, both of which intend to significantly cut the public sector’s networking and related services costs.

A number of local and central government departments are already using PSN-compliant services and systems, which the government said has produced confirmed savings of £64.2 million in 2011/12.