Northamptonshire Enterprise has today announced the completion of a single ICT infrastructure to supports IP telephony, web-based services and multiple email systems of five former government departments.

The newly formed collaboration of economic development agencies promoting economic growth, inward investment and tourism in Northamptonshire county contracted the SAS group to design and build a converged IP network.

Connecting more than 40 office-based and remote users, the new network enables the central management of several business critical applications including IP telephony and email, as well as customer facing web-based services, such as location profiling tools, commercial property search tools and interactive maps.

Northamptonshire Enterprise was formed in October 2006 to offer a single point of information for businesses operating in, or looking to invest in, Northamptonshire. Previously, this information could only be accessed by contacting five separate local government departments.

The restructure involved the relocation of employees to one central building, and the creation of a secure and resilient IP network – combining both wired and wireless technology – that could support the businesses' existing email and web-based services. The network also needed to permit remote user and visitor access as well as support a new IP telephony system.

"With the creation of Northamptonshire Enterprise we were presented with the complex challenge of merging five completely separate ICT systems onto a single network without jeopardising the delivery of current services; at the same time it was vital to ensure the infrastructure was future-proofed," said Jane Moch, IT and business performance manager at Northamptonshire Enterprise.

"The centrally managed ICT infrastructure that has cut administration overheads, allows us to work more efficiently and can cope with our future demands as we grow."