Community classified website, has selected and standardized on MySQL Enterprise to support its exponential growth and scalability requirements. initially began as a local online community noticeboard and now covers over 70 cities across eight countries. The first classifieds site in the UK to launch integrated map technology to help users locate flatshares, rentals and items for sale ‘at a glance’, has also met an appetite among users for embedding YouTube videos into traditional classified ads. Its recent expansion into Asia and the success of its new tools and ‘add-ons’ have boosted UK listings to a record 10 million.

“We were looking for a database that was scalable, reliable, robust and affordable,” said Phil Chambers, head of technology for He said the reliability and scalability MySQL offered were fundamentally critical to supporting business growth. “We use it to store all of our transaction data and to power all of our searches. MySQL is at the heart of everything we do and it effectively powers our entire business, which is why it was so important for us to select a database that would grow with our needs,” he said.

“MySQL is at the very foundation of helping us manage our growth as a business,” added Chambers. He said it was not necessarily just the lower cost, scalable platform and total cost of ownership over traditional proprietary databases that open source vendor is most commonly known for.

“It’s MySQL’s technical expertise and business insight into what it actually takes to support high growth, high volume businesses that really set them apart. Lots of companies talk about managing explosive growth, but very few understand how to actually do it,” said Chambers.