HP has launched a new zero client which uses “one wire” technology to deliver power over Ethernet.

Developed in collaboration with 3M, the HP t410 All-in-One (AiO) combines an 18.5-inch display and zero client in a single unit, and is designed for space-constrained environments such as schools, hospitals and call centres.

It is also extremely energy-efficient, operating at 13 watts of power – around 90% less than normal work stations – making it suitable for use in countries such as Africa, India and China, where power can be unreliable.

The t410 AiO uses a Texas Instruments DM8148 system-on-a-chip design, incorporating an ARM CPU and an integrated Digital Signage Processor (DSP), that allows it to display full-screen HD video, complex graphical content and rich media without compromising on performance.

“You’re letting the DSP do the hard work, talking to the server and delivering the rich media experience, thereby reducing the requirements on the CPU,” said HP product marketing manager Walter Jurek, speaking to Techworld at HP’s Global Influencer Summit 2012 in Shanghai.

Meanwhile, polarising filters from 3M allow HP to deliver a bright screen experience using “less power than the light bulb in your refrigerator,” said Jurek.

HP claims that delivering power over Ethernet means that customers get a cleaner, more reliable power source that requires less cabling and set-up time. The t410 AiO supports multiple protocols and can be reprogrammed on the fly.

It also includes auto-sensing technology that automatically connects to the network and searches for a customer’s existing client virtualisation environment, be it from Citrix, Microsoft or VMware.

The HP t410 AiO costs $429 and is available from today. For organisations that don’t have power of Ethernet installed, each unit also has an AC power jack. 3M is deploying the zero clients in its own factory for use as part of production.

Also at the event in Shanghai, HP announced HP Z220 Workstations and HP EliteBook Mobile Workstations, offering improved performance and efficiency for professionals, as well as the touch-enabled HP RP7, aimed specifically at the retail sector.