HP has launched a new service which it claims is an all-in-one solution for deploying "an open and flexible private cloud computing environment within 30 days". HP maintains that its new CloudStart system is an industry first which "allows clients to operate their private clouds in the same fashion as a public cloud".

In an announcement, the firm said HP Cloudstart consists of hardware, software and services and empowers businesses to deliver pay-per-use services reliably and securely from a common portal, also offering the ability to scale and deploy new services automatically. "Real time access to consumption and chargeback reports allows clients to operate their private clouds in the same fashion as a public cloud," the announcement said.

With HP's open architecture approach, clients are said to be able to integrate their private clouds with third party enterprise portals, public cloud services, usage billing packages and multi-platform resource management. HP CloudStart is delivered by HP Cloud Consulting Services, which the firm maintains, provides the expertise needed for clients to transform their existing delivery approaches into more efficient shared-services models.

"When CIOs have a simplified way to map their path to the private cloud, including all the necessary components from infrastructure and applications to services, they are more likely to identify a comprehensive and realistic deployment scenario for their organisation," said Matt Eastwood, group vice president, enterprise platform group, IDC.

"With the HP CloudStart solution, clients now have a way to accelerate the adoption of service-oriented environments for a private cloud that matches the speed, flexibility and economies of public cloud without the risk or loss of control."

HP says the new systems stem from client feedback, is now available across the Asia Pacific and should be available globally by December.

"To better serve the needs of their enterprises, clients are asking us to help them become internal service providers with the ability to deliver applications through a highly flexible private cloud environment," said Mohan Krishnan, general manager, Technology Consulting, HP Asia Pacific and Japan.

"With CloudStart, HP is enabling clients to optimize applications for private cloud computing today, while providing a platform for a comprehensive, open and hybrid environment in the future."

Among other benefits, HP says the system enables clients to reduce provisioning times up to 80 per cent with one-touch provisioning across infrastructure, applications and business services.

They also maintain that HP Cloudstart can deliver a 75 percent reduction in compliance-management time through advanced automation and governance functionality. HP BladeSystem Matrix, enhanced with HP Cloud Service Automation software and data services provided by HP StorageWorks, forms the backbone of the CloudStart offering.