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Internet of Things examples, applications and companies are on the rise as organisations and CIOs see the opportunities provided by M2M technology and a hyper-connected world, with BT even backing an IoT deployment monitoring cows. We round-up up some of the attitudes from 2014 around IoT and smart cities.

"I work in an industry that is going through fundamental change from what was once international to today truly global.

"The Internet of Things means the world of actuarial is becoming actual. We are being told what is happening right now."
Former JLT Group CIO Ian Cohen

"Internet of Things and open source offers a huge opportunity for the public sector to save money while massively increasing digital engagement with citizens."
John Jackson, Camden Council CIO

Intel CIO Kim Stevenson

"We're still working through the Internet of Things privacy concerns and security model, but we're making cautious progress."
Kim Stevenson, Intel CIO

"In terms of the big challenges we've got as a country, especially in the public sector in these times of austerity, I think smart cities provide one of the answers to enable us to do a lot more for less.

"It's not about the technology - although you have to have a very good technology foundation and what I'd call a digital city foundation - but that's the foundation to a smart city."
Dylan Roberts, Leeds City Council CIO

"Internet of Things and wearables will be the next big disruptive challenges CIOs will face - with IoT set to be truly transformational."
Paul Coby, John Lewis IT director

"There are some new functions coming that enable predictive intelligence and geolocation, so it can tell if you are near home. There is more around the Internet of Things for intelligent boilers that like cars will tell us when a part is about to fail and on our infrastructure side as well.

"It is the peaks that are hurting the grids. We can see economies as the Internet of Things grows, from different tariffs to promote a change in usage pattern, such as cheaper rates at the weekends. These have already been trialled in the US. It is the same as when the telecoms companies changed their tariffs to encourage people to make calls in the evenings to ease the strain on the network."
David Cooper, British Gas CIO

Clive Selley, BT CIO

"I'm very encouraged by what I what see with smart cities and sustainable environments, particularly in a place like Milton Keynes where so many initiatives are coalescing in one place. Once they get traction and publicity, it could be a catalyst for take-off."
Clive Selley, BT CIO

"Privacy and security two very important areas which need to be address.

"It's crucial that consumers own their own data.And it's important to note that all data is not equal; there will have to be different privacy constraints on different types of data.

"We're only really scratching the surface of what IoT can become. There are massive benefits for businesses and society at large.

"These technology solutions aren't difficult and there's a lot of savings to be had. The opportunity is there to do and I think the need will become more acute over time."
Simon Segars, ARM CEO