Morgan Stanley is targeting a cut in electronic trading times after implementing two latency monitoring systems from supplier Corvil.

The investment bank has implemented the systems in order to improve the performance of what it terms as its next generation trading infrastructure.

It will use the CorvilNet system to monitor, analyse and improve message handling in its London and New York offices. The system is also used by Credit Suisse.

The CorvilClear system will be used to monitor latencies with different trade executing venues. Using the system it aims to measure in real-time the end-to-end latency and loss for market data and order execution, from its datacentres to execution venue matching engines, and to correct any service level breaches.

Kevin Twitchen, executive director at Morgan Stanley, said precise monitoring of trade times between the bank and exchanges was “critical”. He added that he was “confident that our new trading plant can meet the stringent performance levels demanded by our electronic trading businesses”.

In June, it was reported that significant IT systems integration challenges at Citigroup and Morgan Stanley could delay the financial benefits of a brokerage joint venture between them by two years.