BT has today revealed details of a £39 million five year contract with NATO’s Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A) to provide it with an extensive communications network. 

NC3A is responsible for delivering technology in support of NATO’s global operations and the BT network will connect more than 70 locations. 

NATO will be migrating to BT Ethernet Connect as part of the deal, which aims to provide an ‘intelligent network’ to control IP architecture. 

The agreement also includes Ethernet Connect E-LINE services, which provides protected bandwidth for mission critical applications between different sites, and hardware for NATO to create a new wide area network. 

“Information – and the ability to share it rapidly across a coalition – plays a paramount role in 21st century operations, as well as political decision making,” said Georges D’hollander, general manager at NC3A. 

“To underpin this we need a flexible, future-proof network. BT has, over the years, developed an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges we face”. 

BT Ethernet Connect forms part of the BT Connect portfolio, which offers Ethernet VPN services in 28 countries. BT Connect offers services in 197 countries and provides speeds between 64k and 320 Gbp/s in the UK. 

This is the BT signing deal with Standard Life" href="" target="_blank">second high profile deal this month for BT Connect, after financial services provider Standard Life signed a £30 million outsourcing deal for it to deliver and manage a Local and Wide Area Network, as well as IP telephony and contact centres.