A book detailing the dos and don'ts of sending an email due to be published in the UK next month has topped the US bestseller list.

“Send: The How, Why, When – and When Not – of Email” by Will Schwalbe has been a hit in the US with its advice on how to communicate effectively via email and avoid disasters such as sending emails intended for one person to hundreds of people.

Its advice includes avoiding using words entirely in upper case unless congratulating the recipient and adding 'excitement' to messages by using exclamation marks.

“The thing that can send an important business relationship or a lifelong friendship down the tubes could be as simple as one insufficiently warm email,” writes Schwalbe.

The book, which also covers good email housekeeping practices, is designed to help organisations avoid compliance issues like those currently facing the US government’s White House for misplacing five million messages over a four-year period relating to the dismissal of eight prosecutors in 2006.