Finland-based paper and packaging company, Stora Enso is using testing tools to speed the development of a new supply chain application.

The company is using Empirix e-TEST suite as part of a testing and monitoring programme for its new electronic brand protection, product authentication and supply chain solution, called PackAgent. The solution is aimed at several different industry sectors.

Stora Enso has partnered with Trackway Software to develop the new web-based solution that will be accessed through a secure area on the PackAgent website. PackAgent authenticates and tracks products throughout the supply chain, providing a tracking history that can be used to provide an electronic audit trail.

Marko Merenheimo, manager of Intelligent Solutions at Stora Enso Consumer Boards said: “Empirix e-TEST suite provides us an efficient tool to analyse the performance of our PackAgent website. It is easy to use and lets us work in a collaborative way, no matter where our experts are based. We expect this collaboration to greatly reduce the time it takes us to test specific applications.”

The e-TEST suite simulates hundreds of concurrent users, executing real transactions to analyse the performance of web applications under typical (or peak) traffic volume, allowing developers to fix potential problems before the applications go live. It will also enable Stora Enso to monitor the performance of the back-end application infrastructure during load tests in order to identify bottlenecks and help further tune application performance.

Manufacturing paper, packaging board and wood products, Stora Enso’s sales totalled €14.6 billion (£7.4bn) in 2006. The Group has some 44,000 employees in more than 40 countries on five continents.