The Scottish government has signed a communications deal with Orange that it hopes will save it £1.6m over the next four years. 

The deal will see ten public sector bodies, which includes several universities, provided with voice, data and mobile broadband services. 

Orange has created a dedicated public sector team that will be based in a call centre in Greenock, which will be responsible for customer service, management of the implementation, as well as monitoring network performance on an on-going basis. 

It has been revealed that Vodafone was the incumbent mobile provider for the majority of the ten public sector bodies that are set to benefit from the deal. 

“Our main focus is to ensure that all users will benefit from a wide range of mobility products and services, supported by both a high quality of service and network coverage, regardless of their location,” said Kate Jack, head of public sector and health, Orange. 

“We understand that creating efficiency savings in the public sector will continue to be under tough scrutiny over the next few years,” she added. 

“However, what is clear is that there is the opportunity for the Scottish Government to make these changes through shifting the IT which the organisation uses”. 

Orange has said the 50 per cent of users will begin using the new services very shortly, whilst the remaining will switch over when their legacy contracts end. It is expected that all users will be on Orange’s services by mid-2013.