Supersonic car project BLOODHOUND SSC has deployed a fibre network to keep pace with the demands of trying to design a car that can travel at 1,000mph.

Virgin Media Business has installed a 1Gbps fibre optic network at the project's Bristol headquarters to support its team of engineers, and also help educate students at over 5,000 schools and colleges across the country about the project.

With a land speed world record firmly in BLOODHOUND's sights - the attempt will be made next year - the network is supporting high-speed connectivity and a digital telephone system to BLOODHOUND’s 50-strong team.

BLOODHOUND'S previous 3mbps internet connection wasn’t providing nearly enough bandwidth to support the engineering and communications teams, which need bandwidth-hungry design images and video clips regularly sent over the network.

With the extra bandwidth staff are also now conducting regular video conferences, which has cut wasted travelling time and enabled flexible and remote working over a virtual private network.

Sarah Covell, technical centre manager for BLOODHOUND SSC, said, "Q&As with schools and colleges are easier to organise and host. We estimate the new network has upped our productivity levels by about 15 percent because we’re able to do things in parallel and aren’t spending time travelling to and from meetings.

"Being able to offer this kind of flexibility is helping us to recruit engineers and experts from much further afield.”