Tesco is migrating to a single global network infrastructure with Verizon, which will underpin the retailer's ongoing application and infrastructure centralisation programme.

Verizon will provide connectivity to link Tesco's suppliers, partners, customers and colleagues in 12 countries.

The retailer hopes that the new network will allow it to roll-out new technologies and undertake new projects, such as providing WiFi to customers in store and implementing a global desktop solution for employees.

Tomas Kadlec, Group Infrastructure IT Director at Tesco Stores, said that the network will "provide a great foundation for centralisation and deliver value at greater speed".

He added: "This marks a step change for Tesco in terms of both security and managed networked services. The cutover to the Verizon network has gone exceptionally well, accordingly to plan and within the agreed framework."

Tesco recently reported a 14% growth in its online business over Christmas - however, the increase was not enough to stave off a decline in the supermarket's overall sales figures.

Customers of Tesco's petrol pumps also recently complained that a technical glitch resulted in their RBS and Natwest cards being blocked when trying to pay for fuel.