Best free business antivirus

We look at the best free antivirus protection for your home office

There are countless free antivirus packages out there but only a few that are licensed for business use. While it does go against licensing regulations to use an 'at home' service for business use, for some micro-businesses, businesses that run from home or home office use in general, a free 'home' package will serve all your security needs.

CIO UK is not advising that you use them - you will be in breach of terms and conditions - just highlighting some options.

There are also legitimate free antivirus software for business, and we outline them here. 

What to consider when choosing an antivirus

When choosing a free antivirus, users should consider what they want from the software and if it will meet their home office requirements.

A great antivirus provides users all-round security protection. It prevents, detects and removes viruses including worms, Trojans and spyware. However, these free packages will vary in terms of quality and some will provide pop-up ads, slower updates and fewer features compared to the paid-for versions.

So depending on your needs and the number of devices to protect, using a free antivirus can be a great way to secure your home office.

Key features to consider: 

  • Does it include a firewall?
  • Can it remove malware – and is its malware database up to date?
  • Is your browsing protected?
  • Threat detection capabilities

Read on to find out what is the best free antivirus for business.

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