Best free antivirus software for business

We look at the best free antivirus protection for your home office

There are countless free antivirus packages out there, but only a few that are licensed for business use. While it does go against licensing regulations to use an 'at home' service for business use, for some micro-businesses or home-based businesses, a free 'home' package will be sufficient for your security needs.

Although CIO UK cannot advise this option, given that you will be in breach of the software's terms and conditions.

An alternative - and more legal - option is to find legitimate free antivirus software for business, and we outline them here. 

What to consider when choosing an antivirus

When choosing a free antivirus, users should consider what they want from the software and if it will meet their home office requirements.

A great antivirus provides users with all-round security protection. It prevents, detects and removes viruses including worms, Trojans and spyware. However, these free packages will vary in terms of quality and some will provide pop-up ads, slower updates and fewer features compared to paid-for versions.

So, depending on your needs and the number of devices you need to protect, using a free antivirus can be a great way to secure your home office.

Key features to consider: 

  • Does it include a firewall?
  • Can it remove malware – and is the malware database up to date?
  • Is your browsing protected?
  • Threat detection capabilities

Read on to find out what is the best free antivirus packages for business.

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