BT today revealed another of the major suppliers for its next generation 21st Century Network (21CN). The telco giant has selected vendor Novell to manage the digital profiles and identities of millions of customers expected to use the new, converged and upgraded network.

The Novell directory and identity system will be used to build the profile capability of 21CN providing the common identity information required to integrate voice, data, broadband, mobility, on-demand video and ICT services. BT will use the identity layer to provision new services, reduce systems administration and improve customer satisfaction.

“The 21CN is the world's most radical next generation network transformation programme,” said Mike Galvin, BT Group director of portfolio infrastructure. “We are moving our business model from managing multiple networks to a single network delivering multiple services. We are already using Novell's identity management capabilities for our Corporate Meta Directory services – it’s a proven solution that we knew could scale to the extremes required for a customer facing profile store.”

For customers, Novell’s directory and identity solution will serve as a foundation for secure authentication across 21CN for existing applications and services. In the future, customers will have the ability to access a broader range of services, such as video telephony, video on demand, WiFi access and corporate VPN access.