City University London has launched a new postgraduate course aimed at information security and risk professionals who are looking to progress to management roles such as security architect or chief security officer.

The Masters in Information Security and Risk (MISR), which starts in September, will cover technical issues, such as information security, quantitative risk assessment and assurance, as well as business skills, including information leadership, enterprise architecture and professional skills.

It is aimed at IT professionals with around five years’ experience.

“Existing postgraduate courses in the IT security field are focused primarily on specialist technical skills. There’s nothing out there to enable software engineers or risk auditors with five years’ experience to gain the strategic outlook that’s needed to move to management roles,” said Professor Kevin Jones, the course director.

“Our aim is to address this by teaching students how to identify the trade-offs between multiple risks and the costs of protection, and how to advise senior management on such issues.”

The course will be taught by City’s Centre for Software Reliability (CSR), and students will be able to take the MISR as a full-time, 12-month course, or a part-time, 28-month course.

Last year, City University launched a Masters degree for IT professionals who want to become CIOs and a Masters aimed at professionals who want to develop their leadership skills and learn how to tap into the creative potential of individuals and organisations.  

More information about how to apply for the MISR course can be found here.