A laptop, containing the sensitive information of the pension plan members of broadcaster BSkyB and other undisclosed firms, has been stolen from an employee of accountancy firm Deloitte.

Data lost included the names and salaries of the Sky employees. The theft occurred in a public place last month but the news has just emerged outside of the company.

In a statement, Sky said: “We believe this was an opportunistic theft and the laptop is protected by a number of security measures. These factors combined means that the risk of the data being accessed or misused is extremely low. “

“We take the protection of member data extremely seriously. The trustees have written to all affected members of the BSkyB Pension Plan to ensure they are fully informed of the situation.” Sky said it was working “urgently” with Deloitte to review processes and prevent any more breaches.

Deloitte told CIO sister title Computerworld UK that those whose data was affected were immediately contacted, and that the police were notified of the incident. The data was encrypted.

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