Deloitte is testing a special Visa Barclaycard that authenticates remote access to IT systems.

The auditor and consulting firm’s employees are testing the card, which generates one-time passwords for accessing their corporate IT network. The three-month pilot, which began in April, involves 500 staff.

To use the system, the holder enters his or her PIN on a special keypad embedded on the back of the card. A code appears on a small LCD screen also on the back of the card.

The system, developed by Emue, also allows online purchases through the Verified by Visa check.

Deloitte expects that using the card it could save money compared to using a different token authentication device.

Simon Owen, senior partner at Deloitte, said the system “offers real benefits for card issuers based on our own experiences of providing staff with one time code functionality for remote access”.

“We estimate that we could save up to 65 per cent per user over having a separate traditional token device."

The pilot is the first test of its kind in Europe.