Responding to DDoS attacks | 5 steps CIOs can take to mitigate a distributed denial-of-service attack

DDoS attacks can have a devastating impact, but the damage can be mitigated when the right response is taken

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks have been a worry for CIOs for many years, and are only becoming more dangerous and frequent. Some 53% of respondents to Arbor Networks' 2016 Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report indicated they are seeing more than 51 attacks per month, an increase from last year's figure of 44%, and the size of the attacks are only getting bigger.

DDOS attacks vary in form, but all share the common objective of taking an online service down by targeting it from multiple different hosts. Despite their potential for harm, there are still ways to mitigate the damage once your systems are breached.

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