How to perform an IT risk assessment

Sometimes disasters can’t be averted, but they can still be recovered from. Planning for the worst keeps the impact to a minimum

Few businesses are able to effectively function when its IT systems fail. A thorough IT risk assessment is a crucial way to defend your security system from being compromised and implement an effective strategy to respond.

Why should you perform an IT risk assessment?

The purpose of an IT risk assessment is to ensure all vulnerabilities and shortfalls are addressed and managed properly. 

Risk assessments are particularly important for security teams and they should be performed regularly with the findings shared with all relevant employees and board members.

Without properly assessing an IT teams on-goings, you could be left vulnerable, not only in the security department.

Risk assessments will help keep costs under control and make auditing a lot easier when that comes around. Finding areas to save money is a great benefit to an IT risk assessment.

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