IBM said it will invest £750m in its security products and services next year, possibly double the company's previous spending.

The sum "is much more than we've ever spent," Val Rahmani, a general manager in IBM's services unit who is responsible for security programmes, told The Wall Street Journal. The company would not say exactly how much it previously spent on data security, but analyst Charles King of Pund-IT Research said
£750m could be double IBM's typical spending, according to the Associated Press.

IBM said that IT security is becoming more difficult because of collaborative business models, sophisticated criminal attacks and increasingly complex infrastructure. "For many enterprises, security is broken," said Tom Noonan, general manager of IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS).

The company said its initiative is fuelled by recent acquisitions that are letting IBM roll out new services and products, including technology that analyses data as it moves across the network, detecting the transmission of confidential information; user compliance management software; and management software for web application security and compliance

IBM ISS is partnering with vendors including Application Security to offer monitoring and reporting that protect companies from insider abuse, services that help clients encrypt and manage data on laptops and PCs and prevent data leakage.

IBM is strengthening the mainframe as well. Updates to the IBM Mainframe z/OS operating system are helping to restrict unauthorised access to such sensitive information as credit card numbers. The company also says it is developing products and services to help businesses comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.