Identity fraud has risen by 10 percent since to last year, says Fellowes. Research by the paper shredder manufacturer, which was carried out as part of this year's National Identity Fraud Prevention Week (NIDFPW), revealed 45 percent of Brits respond to emails or telephone calls asking for personal information without verryifying the source first.

Furthermore, only 44 percent compare receipts for purchases again their credit card and bank statements. More than nine in ten (94 percent) of Brits believe they are at risk of ID fraud and just seven percent think firms ensure their personal data is safe. Furthermore, 44 percent percent of British organisations admitted they do not have a policy in place to protect the identities of their customers.

Worryingly, two in five employees believe details and information on customers of their employers could easily be recovered from dustbins by criminals.

As part of NIDFPW, web users can download a guide that outlines the risk of identity fraud and suggest ways they can protect themselves from the campaign's website.