London is online card-fraud capital of Britain, easily beating other crime hotspots in Manchester, Coventry, Kilmarnock and Bristol, according to the latest fraud data from Early Warning.

Early Warning, which tracks online crime and provides tools for merchants to tackle the problem, said its data showed an increase of around 22 percent in national internet card crime. Its data suggests that the postcode of SE18, which includes Thamesmead, could well be Europe's card fraud capital Europe.

Outside London, Northampton and Stockport are seeing more fraud than ever.

Andrew Goodwill, managing director of Early Warning said, "What is notable is the number of postcodes around the country where the fraud map last year registered negligible fraud, but which are now showing 'medium' or 'high' levels of fraud. We have to accept that nowhere is exempt."

He said chip-and-pin in the high street had driven fraudsters to the web.

Top ten UK card-not-present fraud hotspots:

1. London
2. Manchester
3. Coventry
4. Kilmarnock
5. Bristol
6. Brighton
7. Leicester
8. Leeds
9. Glasgow
10. Nottingham