Pharmaceutical and chemical giant Merck is improving compliance and simplifying security with new systems from CA Technologies.

The systems at the global firm include a single sign-on security platform for staff and automated compliance procedures.

Merck was reportedly one of a number of major companies compromised by the Kneber botnet last year.

Kneber affected over 75,000 computers at 2,500 companies around the world, and was used to steal login credentials to online financial systems and email systems.

Merck said its new CA security and compliance systems would "simplify compliance policies, while saving cost and optimising identity and access management, at the same time as increasing system security".

Several thousand employees as well as numerous customers and business partners require access to Merck’s various IT systems. Merck has chosen to implement a company-wide web-based single sign-on system combined with a centralised identity and access management (IAM) system.

Merck said the security and compliance technologies - which include CA SiteMinder and CA Audit - would support and pave the way for additional technologies such as role management and SOA architectures.