The Ministry of Sound's website has been taken down following a DDos attack.

It is thought 4Chan, the forum responsible for the recent attack on the website of legal firm ACS:Law for its part in pursuing illegal downloaders, are behind the attack.

Earlier this year, it was revealed the Ministry of Sound had employed legal firm Gallant Macmillan to send out letters to 2,000 web users thought to have taken part in illegal file-sharing on behalf of the record label.

The letters stated the recipient was though to illegally downloaded digital copies of songs owned by the record label and requested around £350 was paid in compensation to the label.

However, today the legal firm will go to court in a bid to get ISP Plusnet to hand over the details of hundreds more web users thought to have illegally downloaded tracks owned by the Ministry of Sound.

According to website Slyck, there have been a number of postings to the 4Chan forum, which indicate the group is behind the attack.

"Gallant Macmillian Law firm has committed many crimes recently, all of them ignored; ignored by everyone except us. We, the people, will not allow this to continue. They have declared themselves our enemies by sending out thousands of blackmailing letters against innocents, seeking compensation for copyright infringements that don't exist," said one post.

Another added: "Just with ACS:Law, these letters are being sent by a company that is guilty of crimes against Intellectual Property, as well as crimes against the people. Indeed, even as they seek to "protect" copyright through barbaric punishment, their hypocritical methods force ISPs to reveal the personal information of thousands without evidence of infringement."

4Chan was thought to be behind a similar attack on ACS:Law last week. As a result of the attack, personal details of 5,300 Sky customers, along with the names of the porn films they were thought to have obtained illegally, were leaked to the web.