Network administrators at News International last night fought off a fresh attempt to hack the Sunday Times website, according to sources.

On the day Rupert Murdoch, chairman of parent company News Corp, appeared with his son in front of a parliamentary committee to answer questions over phone hacking by reporters, there was an attempt to damage the broadsheet’s website.

The news follows the hacking of the company’s Sun newspaper site 24 hours earlier, during which a fake news story was uploaded claiming that Rupert Murdoch had died. That day, there had also been attempts to intrude on the company's other sites.

News International, the publisher, has not commented on last night's events at The Sunday Times. The source of the attack is not known, and Lulz Sec, which was behind the Sun attempt, has not issued any statement today concerning the newspaper. believes from the comments of insiders at Murdoch's newspaper headquarters in Wapping that hackers last night began to corrupt a number of pages on the Sunday Times website. However, network managers – who were on alert following the Sun attack – noticed unusual activity on the company’s servers.

It is understood that News International then refreshed those pages back to the cached version.

Yesterday, revealed that News International implemented new access codes and passwords for staff, and halted remote working, after the problems experienced at The Sun.