A new scheme in the UK is hoping to find the next wave of British computer security experts in a bid to tackle cyber crime.

The Cyber Security Challenge (CSC), which is based on a similar scheme already running in the US, is backed by a number of organisations including the Metropolitan Police and the Institute of Information Security Professionals.

Entrants to the challenge will be required to solve online games and challenges using eight key skills such as programming skills, digital forensics, network analysis and logical thinking.

"We are increasingly dependent on networks and computer systems. The whole digital economy and society is structured around them," said Judy Baker, director of the Cyber Security Challenge, told the BBC.

Baker said those that show the most aptitude in the games will go through to a second stage, which is likely to include practical texts.

Those that excel in these tests will be receive mentoring, training and scholarships to hone their skills.

"There's a real need for people with these skills and they can give great value back to the nation as a whole," Baker said highlighting that many firms have failing to recruit enough skilled member of staff to deal with computer security issues.

Cyber Security Challenge is expected to start this autumn and is open to those aged 16 and over.