Vodafone has joined the list of organisations, including the British Transport Police, Network Rail and BSkyB to find its staff's pension details was stolen from a Deloitte auditor.

Deloitte has admitted it lost a laptop that contained the personal pension details of thousands of employees from various companies. The companies reportedly include British Transport Police, Network Rail, BSkyB and Vodafone.

"Vodafone is extremely concerned about the breach in security of our employees’ personal information and we take the matter very seriously," said Vodafone in a statement.

The mobile carrier said it was working with Deloitte "to ensure that their security processes are of the standard that we expect of a company which has access to such information", but added that Deloitte "is a highly reputable firm".

Deloitte would not comment further on the news, nor disclose if any other companies have been impacted, other than to reiterate its already published statement, which said the laptop did not contain addresses or bank account information.

"The laptop was protected by a number of security measures, including start up password, operating system user ID and password authentication and encryption," it stated.

"We believe that the likelihood of unauthorised access to the data held on this laptop is remote due to the opportunistic nature of the theft and the security controls."

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