JD Wetherspoon is rolling out a web-based security system across its 650 sites that allows the pub chain to automatically check that door staff have full Security Industry Authority (SIA) accreditation, ensuring that the right numbers of senior staff are on duty at all times.

So far about 150 Wetherspoon pubs are using the Trinity system from e-Cocoon, which is due to be rolled out to its entire pub estate in time.

Trinity works by logging in door staff reporting to work. It runs an automatic check to ensure they have a valid and current SIA badge, meaning they have completed relevant training programmes and undergone criminal record checks.

The system also logs staff out, saving time, money and resources for JD Wetherspoon by enabling it to calculate the time worked by all contract door staff and automatically generating invoices to send to the provider company. By allowing it to track expenses incurred against budget in real time, the software has also improved Wetherspoon’s financial management.

e-Cocoon’s managing director Chris Wootton said the Trinity system “not only drives business efficiencies for JD Wetherspoon, it also helps it to ensure that its customers are socialising in a secure environment.”