Customers of Yorkshire and Clydesdale banks have suffered a fresh bout of problems with using their debit cards.

The issues took place on Monday evening (2 April) between 17.00 GMT and 20.00 GMT. Affected customers took to Twitter and an online forum to report that their cards were being declined, despite their accounts being in the black.

However, a spokesperson for the banks has said that the latest debit card glitch was "completely unrelated" to the incidents that occurred last month, when the banks' system operations were transferred to external contractor First Data.

A customer called 'huggychair' wrote on the forum: "Has anybody else been having the same problems today (2nd April) with their Yorkshire/Clydesdale Bank debit cards?

"Had a transaction declined in Morrisons and couldn't even check my balance on any ATMs, let alone withdraw cash. Online banking shows money available."

'Masonst', another forum member, said that they had had the same experience when trying to buy groceries in another supermarket.

They wrote: "Just happened to me in Esher, I'm working away at the moment and went to Waitrose to get some groceries, card declined!"

On Twitter, Sarah Shepherdson (@SarahShep89) added: "Love going to Asda to have my card declined, to go to the cash machine to also have my card declined! Stupid Yorkshire Bank going down!! #mad"

'Huggychair' said that a recorded message on the banks' telephone banking number acknowledged the fault:

"We regret to advise customers that we are unable to process debit card transactions online or in-store at present. Credit cards are unaffected. The ATM network is working normally for the withdrawal of cash. We advise customers to make payment by other means, where possible."

However, a new recorded message is now available on the same number: "Debit card transactions are operating normally. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our customers and are working to resolve any remaining problems caused by the service disruption."

A spokesperson for the banks said: "On Monday evening there were intermittent issues over teatime. They were all resolved that evening."