They say you can judge a person by the company they keep. That being so, what are we to make of the appearance on stage of Accenture at Dreamforce this year? Let’s see – this is Accenture, the systems integrator that has made a killing over the years wrestling to get SAP ERP systems up and running. The same Accenture that depending on which estimates you believe makes five or 10 or 15 dollars for every dollar you spend on a SAP licence.

Now let’s map that track record on to the claims made for the likes of You come into work, fire up your browser and lo and behold, there’s the latest upgrade to the system. So… what precisely do I need Accenture’s good ministrations for?

But from the near-genuflecting that went on from Bob Suh, MD at Accenture, it’s clear that SaaS is a top priority for the firm. Plus he’s putting the company’s money where its corporate mouth is to the tune of a $450 million investment in SaaS and SOA. Why does that leave me just a little, teensy-weensy bit worried?