Project management and reporting software is helping South Lanarkshire Council maintain a view of its £320 million schools building project and contact with outsourced suppliers.

The AMEC-led joint venture is using Asta Powerproject Enterprise, a project management and site-to-client reporting solution from Asta Development, to help manage the council project to deliver 17 new and two refurbished secondary schools, with final completion in mid-2009.

South Lanarkshire Council has the biggest UK wide education Public Private Partnership (PPP) the total capital value of £320m invested in its secondary schools modernisation programme.

AMEC, the international project management and services company, required a system that would enable it to report progress to all key stakeholders – including the client, South Lanarkshire Council; the joint venture company, InspireED; the technical advisor; Cyril Sweett; and AMEC’s management team – on a monthly basis. The reports had to clearly show the progress of each of the school’s projects against the contract programme, as well as the overall progress of the programme in a consolidated format.

The Asta Powerproject Enterprise solution implemented for this project has provided AMEC with a web-based mechanism for collecting site progress reports from contractors and project managers. Progress updates from site are then updated in the central programme held in Asta Powerproject.

Asta also developed a bespoke reporting functionality that uses that data to deliver summary progress reports displayed as S-curves, showing planned progress versus actual progress. This simplifies reporting to the extent that if the line displaying actual progress falls below the planned progress line, the project is behind schedule and a recovery programme is needed.

Andrew McGarva, AMEC project director said: “It is vital that we get accurate reporting on progress against the contract master programme as it is this programme that reflects our agreement with the client and forms the basis for payment as the project progresses. Asta Powersuite enables us to produce reports that show the actual status of the project in a format that the client and other stakeholders can readily understand.”