Apple's stock price has the potential to hit $1,000, the company's co-founder Steve Wozniak has said in a televised interview with CNBC.

Apple's share price reached $542.44 at the end of trading on Wednesday and Wozniak reckons that the company still has plenty of potential for growth. The day before Apple saw its value climb to over $500bn, joining an elite group of companies that have been valued at over half a trillion dollars.

"You know, people talk about $1,000 stock price. At first you want to doubt it but I actually believe that and I don't really follow stock markets," Wozniak said in the CNBC interview.

Despite not really following the markets, Wozniak is convinced of Apple's worth as it isn't so much as one big company but a lot of companies rolled into one, with Apple Stores, iTunes, iOS devices and Macs all performing well.

Woz also believes that a smart TV device is coming and that it will not be a mere side project for Apple, but something that will be interoperable with other Apple devices and products.

You can watch the interview on the CNBC website.