ASOS has revealed that its use of customer web analytics helped drive a 142 percent growth in sales over the past year. 

In addition, the online fashion retailer said that the software from mobile and social analytics company Webtrends has helped the company save some staff teams up to one working day a week on reporting.

ASOS uses Webtrends Analytics and Visitor Data Mart to analyse the interaction with each of its country-specific websites, and to identify the best converting traffic sources and campaigns.

The information is delivered to Excel dashboards directly to ASOS staff, and is updated in real-time.

The retailer launched websites in France, the US and Germany in the past 12 months, and plans to launch new sites in Spain, Italy and Australia later this year. The websites show products in each country’s own language and currency.

“ASOS’ success is born from our ability to continually engage our customers through product, service and technology.

“As we grow internationally, it becomes crucial to have relevant and easily accessible KPIs at our teams’ fingertips, enabling them to make the right decisions on marketing campaigns, website enhancements and of course content,” said David N Williams, head of customer intelligence at ASOS.

Another online fashion retailer and womenswear retailer New Look recently launched new platforms and tools for making customers’ shopping more interactive in a bid to boost sales.

They are part of an emerging trend where brands are building on their customer engagements and using analytics to manipulate interaction to drive brand loyalty and higher sales.

Accenture, for example, has developed a tool that predicts the optimum ways for companies to engage with their customers through Facebook.