Some Bank of Scotland customers are still having problems with accessing their accounts online, three weeks after a systems migration was carried out by parent company Lloyds Banking Group.

Despite continued reports from customers to ComputerworldUK of the continued problems, Bank of Scotland insists that problems related to the systems migration have been fixed.

“We made some changes to our online banking system three weeks ago. While the vast majority of services were completely unaffected by this, there were some customers who have not been able to see all of their accounts online for a couple of days.

“We can confirm that the faults logged due to the systems changes have been rectified,” a spokesperson for the bank said.

Both business and personal account holders have reported ongoing problems with accessing the accounts after a system upgrade by Lloyds Banking Group over the weekend of 10 September. Lloyds is currently migrating Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers onto the Lloyds TSB platform.

Last week, a customer’s ongoing account access problems were resolved within a day, but only after ComputerworldUK published an article highlighting his issues.

Around three million people use BoS’s internet banking service, and customers have been affected in a variety of different ways, including problems with tokens and web browsers.

Some customers appear to be having issues with the new tokens that are used for accessing business accounts, while some have been locked out of their accounts because they did not receive the new token.

“I have not had access to my Bank of Scotland business bank account since 12 September because I never received the new token.

“I was told the bank knew which customers had not been sent tokens and the new tokens were being posted at midnight that day...The new token has still not arrived and my client relationship manager cannot tell me when I am likely to receive it, as it is being dealt with by Lloyds TSB and she has no information. I am truly disgusted with this service,” Chris Greene, from Guildford, commented on ComputerworldUK.

Another reader, Andrew Lyner, said that he has been using a token for a while, despite not being a business customer, and was able to log in to his account without any issues until the systems upgrade. He now sees a different login screen that no longer asks for a token but also does not recognise his password.

“I made dozens of phone one ever got back to me, either by phone or email. No one would take responsibility for my situation. The general attitude was ‘deny everything’ – show surprise to the customer and he will think it’s just a bit of a glitch on his personal account,” he said, describing an experience echoed by many customers.

Lyner is also unable to access an account that is only available online.

“I now need to transfer money from my Web Saver account and I cannot do this by telephone because they do not “have the authority”.

“The staff seem to be totally overwhelmed and don’t seem to be able to cope with this. I’m off to another bank. I’ve had enough,” he said.

Meanwhile, Suzie, a personal customer, has been told by the bank since 12 September that the problems must be due to her computer’s web browser settings.

“Not so,” she commented. “In any event, I can log into the site only to be greeted by a message suggesting that I do not have any accounts that can be accessed online (they were perfectly accessible before this fiasco began) – that it will be fixed by 3.30 this afternoon (14 September) or shortly after, that the technical team are working on it 24 hours a day.

“Today, 27 September, [the message said] that it’s a technical problem affecting random customers and they have no idea when it will be fixed.

She added: “The apparent absence of any sense of urgency grows more and more frustrating as the days go by, not to mention the time wasted telephoning the bank on a daily basis.”

The Bank of Scotland said that any customers still experiencing problems should contact the internet banking helpdesk on 0845 602 000, or on +44 113 279 8302 from outside the UK. It can also be contacted via textphone on 0845 732 3436.

In addition, the spokesperson said the company will look into specific problems of customers who pass on their names and addresses (without account details) to ComputerworldUK. Any customers who wish to pass on their details to the bank can do so by emailing reporter Anh Nguyen directly with subject line ‘BoS problem’.