The Bank of Scotland has announced that most of the problems that customers have been experiencing with their online bank accounts have now been resolved.

The problems arose following a systems migration carried out by parent company Lloyds Banking Group more than two months ago. RBS and HSBC online banking services also had outages recently due to a systems upgrade and a mainframe outage, respectively.

It is estimated, however, that there remains around 360 customers, of the three million who use BoS’s internet banking service, who are still having post-migration issues.

“The majority of the issues that related to the impacted customers have now been resolved.

“We are now working primarily on individual customer issues, many of which are unique to those customers,” a spokesperson for the bank said.

The bank was forced to admit to the problems existing last month, after it continued to receive customer complaints from customers via Computerworld UK. It initially said that “faults logged due to the systems changes have been rectified”.

The fact that the issues have not been entirely resolved by today, however, means that the bank is exceeding the deadline it gave to some customers for when they could expect their online banking service to return to normal.

One customer had been told in an email that the problems she was experiencing would not be fixed until 7 November, for example.

The Bank of Scotland said that any customers still experiencing problems should contact the internet banking helpdesk on 0845 602 000, or on +44 113 279 8302 from outside the UK. It can also be contacted via textphone on 0845 732 3436.

“We continue to welcome customer feedback on issues as it is important to us that we resolve them,” the bank said.