More than 400 million mobile phone owners will use their handsets to check their bank accounts by 2013, says Juniper Research.

According to the firm's Mobile Banking Technology Strategies Survey, that's more than double the number of consumers that currently use mobile banking.

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More than four in five banks worldwide currently offer some form of mobile banking. Juniper said that by 2015, the Far East and China was likely to have the highest number of consumers that take advantage of mobile banking.

Furthermore, Juniper also expects a surge in the number of consumers looking to obtain their bank balance while on the move, which will see more and more SMS messages being sent to consumers by banks.

"Our survey concluded that banks in all regions are becoming increasingly innovative in their service offerings and provide impetus for user growth. Mobile is becoming a must-have channel for banks," said Howard Wilcox from Juniper Research.

However, Juniper warned that some banks risk losing consumer because they don't currently offer enough mobile banking facilities.