Betfair, the internet betting exchange, has revealed it is moving some of its future R& D activities to the cloud to improve the efficiency of its development line.

The betting company currently operates many of its third-party applications on hosting provider Rackspace, which last week launched its UK cloud infrastructure with more than 500 customers in beta. Betfair plans to take advantage of Rackspace’s cloud to speed up the building of some applications.

“[The Rackspace cloud] means our R&D will be able to put different things [such as betting games] out there in the cloud and test them. They don’t have to wait in line,” Duren Dexter, technology strategy, risk and audit manager at Betfair told Computerworld UK.

While Betfair is happy to host and test bolt-on applications, such as its ticketing portal, off-site, Dexter was insistent that the betting company would not put any of its core infrastructure or services with Rackspace or with any other provider.

“[As an exchange] our infrastructure is really core, because that’s just what we do,” said Dexter. “It is more secure for us in the core.”

Last month, Betfair launched a new payment platform with the aim to improve operations and increase customer numbers.

Meanwhile, the company built an in-house transaction processing and event platform in 2008, building upon its existing Oracle database.

Betfair primarily uses open source front end software, based on a JBoss application server, and running on Linux. It uses some off-the-shelf proprietary solutions in the back office, and runs on 1,500 servers in five global data centres.