Betfair, the internet betting exchange, has launched a customer commitment charter setting out 14 promises to customers about the quality of its services, including technology.

The promises cover five areas, from protection of customers and their data, the reliability of Betfair’s products and technology, customer service, clear communication and integrity in sport.

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In the area of product and technology, Betfair said that it will focus on the quality and reliability of its products and services by ensuring they deliver a quick and responsive experience to customers, and it will also commit to making sure planned updates to key systems are concentrated during defined periods.

Other promises include ensuring the security of its site and customer data, and to protect customers’ money by keeping it separate from the company’s funds.

The company plans to publish a progress report against each of the commitments every three months, starting from 1 August.

“We had feedback from our customers that they didn’t understand some areas of our business and wanted more clarity on what we do. So in response, we’ve launched a series of commitments regarding exactly what we promise to deliver to our customers,” Betfair said.