Power-tool maker Black & Decker has embarked on a three-year IP telephony migration project for 200 locations globally, including 11 call centres and 10 manufacturing operations.

Black & Decker chose Avaya for hardware and software needs to make the IP migration, it said. The cost of the project was not announced.

The migration will keep some of Black & Decker's existing digital phones to control costs, but also add Avaya IP desktop phones and IP softphones for new locations. Avaya Communication Manager and Modular Message software are also part of the new features.

Avaya contact centre applications are being used to support Black & Decker's power-tools unit, making it possible for all customer calls in North America, for example, to come to a central call centre number.

Black & Decker said it expects to improve productivity, control costs and enhance customer service through the implementation.