British Library Growing Knowledge exhibition

National book archive explores ways to move into the digital age

The Growing Knowledge  - The Evolution of Research exhibition at the British Library in London is an attempt to expose researchers to the possibilities for new ways of accessing information that are opened up by technology.

The Library has enlisted the collaboration of a number of IT suppliers, including HP, IBM, Microsoft and Sony, together with media and design companies to construct the exhibition, which researchers can assess.

Many of the technologies are purely online, but a key part of the project deals with using multimedia to explore three-dimensional artefacts and records, including ancient cuneiform tablets and 3D medical digital images.

The exhibition also deal with the plasticity of information in the digital world - websites are constantly updating and changing in a way paper documents never were.

Other exhibits in the Library explore how traditional documents can be explored more fully using modern display equipment, some still in experimental stages.

The exhibition in the British Library on Euston Road in London is free to visit. It opened on 14 October 2010 and runs until 16 July 2011, when a final evaluation report on the project will be published.