Hundreds of individuals and small businesses have been left without broadband connections following a fault on BT's network.

This is the second outage for the telecommunications company in a week. Last weekend, some 20,000 web users were unable to get online due to a fault at an Edinburgh exchange. The outage started at around 7pm last Friday night and ran through until Sunday for some.

However, after announcing on Monday the issue had been resolved, many web users in Scotland and Northern England began complaining of outages again yesterday morning. UK ISP PlusNet, which is owned BT, confirmed the Edinbugh site was once again experiencing problems and causing loss of service for some customers. The ISP said BT hoped to have resolved the issue by 4pm.

"BT has been experiencing localised disruption to some broadband services as a result of a similar technical issue that occurred over the weekend. The issue has been fixed and broadband services have been restored to the majority of affected customers," BT said in a statement.

"Customers that are having difficulty accessing broadband are advised to reboot their equipment. Any customers that continue to experience problems should contact their ISP."