BT has signed a £75.5 million deal for Steria to manage its applications for a further six years to 2014.

Under the deal, Steria will manage the telecoms firm’s main finance and accounting software, including transaction processing, ledger and payroll services. Steria has been a supplier of services to BT for over 20 years.

BT said the deal will enable it to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Kevin Richards, director of enterprise management platform at BT Design, the company’s IT wing, said: "Keeping the business process and IT service closely coupled provides us with a streamlined and efficient service that maintains effectiveness at critical business periods.”

BT has itself signed a number of recent deals to provide IT services, including network infrastructure services to household goods firm Procter & Gamble, a Corvil latency management application for Credit Suisse, and an IP network service to Network Rail.

It is also the supplier to the London part of the NHS National Programme for IT, and is competing with CSC to win other NHS supply deals in the south of England after Fujitsu left the programme.

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