Camelot, which has operated the National Lottery since its inception 13 years ago, has announced plans for a major overhaul of its IT infrastructure and systems.

The news comes just after the National Lottery Commission gave it preferred bidder status to run the lottery for the next 10 years. This means that Camelot and the Commission only need agree to the final form of the licence in order for it to be secured.

The company plans to appoint a transition director to coordinate its “most ambitious programme of transformation since the lottery launched in 1994”.

Under the plans, which will be finalised by next month, state-of-the-art technology and networks are set to be introduced in order to facilitate the rapid launch of new games online and in store. Additionally, a new terminal and digital screen network will be rolled out across the 27,000 UK retailers that sell lottery tickets.

Camelot claims to run “one of the most cost-efficient lotteries in the world”, with operating costs at 5% of total revenue.