Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury in Kent has been named the UK's digital capital by Experian Hitwise. Research by the web analytics firm revealed that 1.44 percent of all UK internet visits during a 12-week period between July and September came from the Canterbury area, despite the fact the town only contains 0.75 percent of the UK's population.

Canterbury was closely followed by London, Rochester, Aberdeen and Kingston Upon Thames in Hitwise's rankings.

The company also identified the areas of the UK where residents are least likely to spend time surfing the web. Sunderland topped this list, closely followed by Motherwell, Belfast, Bradford and Walsall.

"Our analysis does point towards a north-south digital divide in the UK, but it is certainly not a gulf. Per head of population, internet usage levels in London are only 34 percent more than Sunderland, the place where people are least likely to spend time online," said Robin Goad, research director, at Experian Hitwise.

"The internet is now so popular in the UK that it is impossible to define a 'typical internet user'. For some, the web is a channel for entertainment and communication, while for others it is the place where they shop and manage their finances."