Carphone Warehouse has seen extraction times of business intelligence data slashed from 12 hours to 30 minutes, enabling it to increase customer acquisitions and cross selling opportunities, streamline its business and grow profits.

The change comes after the company expanded a data integration system to “stop the madness” of accessing complex data across its multiple lines of business.

The news comes after last month’s announcement that the company was deploying IT process automation and management software from supplier Enigmatec to improve its support for critical business applications, following a successful pilot.

Carphone Warehouse has become increasingly complex over the last few years as it has evolved from a mobile phone store to also sell mobile services, broadband services and landline telephony.

In 2000, the firm installed an early version of Informatica PowerCentre, a data integration tool, to link together the data across its lines of business, and since that year it has been updating the system and now uses version 4.7 alongside Advanced Edition 8.1.

These systems extract data from the firm’s Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Netezza databases, within 24 hours of it being produced.

Carphone Warehouse processes 650 transactions each day and runs 2,700 data extraction sessions per night. It has 2,200 stores across 11 countries and generated £3.9bn in revenues last year.

Bhavesh Chavda, senior project manager at Carphone Warehouse, said that as a result of the changes the company had improved the efficiency of its business, made cost savings and reduced risks by standardising data and centralising it.

It was also able to better cross-sell other services to customers as a result of centralised data, Chavda stated. “If you’re a broadband customer, we can more effectively sell you a mobile phone,” he added.