There has been some talk about figures suggesting a decline in sales among e-commerce retail sales, with some speculating that the online bandwagon may be slowing down. To which the sensible observer will say: fat chance.

Evidence in the collapse of high-street shopping is everywhere from the collapsing fortunes of Woolies to the number of charity shops (PLAYS VIDEO) selling secondhand-goods and paying peppercorn rents. To some extent the Woolies of this world are being replaced by supermarkets and edge-of-town shopping centres but for most products there is no possible slimmer operating margin than can be had online.

All commonsense indicators suggest online sales growth in the medium and long-term. Broadband speeds are getting faster with Virgin launching its 50Mbit service. Acceptance of the model is mature and growing. Usability gets better. More types of goods – clothes, furniture and so on – are being sold online than ever before.Fulfilment and service obstacles are being overcome.

The current economic climate makes for all sorts of odd spikes and toughs in buying activity. Call this one a blip and forget it.

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