In September 2010, CIO held its inaugural summit in London, attended by around 80 CIOs and other IT leaders.

In the second half of the Technology stream, following lunch, supplier management was discussed by Tom Homer, UK and Nordics MD of Reliance Globalcom.

At seven minutes and 30 seconds into this video, he cedes the stage to Clifford Burroughs, CIO of United Biscuits who gives the user view of how using a third party to consolidate multiple supplier relationships has made running a global foodstuffs producer a simpler task.

At 18 minutes and 30 seconds, Summit host and CIO UK editor-in-chief Mark Chillingworth introduces David Jack, CIO of Jack explains how vendor management has an impact on a company that totally relies on technology to reach its customer base. A dipping below certain service levels will mean no business for an internet company like

Finally, at 41 minutes into the video, Jack joins a panel including Burroughs, Gatwick Airport CIO Stuart Birrell and Westminster City Council CIO David Wilde to answer questions from the audiemce.