CIO Plus event

The CIO UK team has launched a summer series of thought leadership events for the UK's business technology leaders. Each event is an opportunity to hear from, share and debate with CIO peers on the challenges facing business technology leaders, including innovative cultures, change management and the rising digital services agenda. The technologies that play a pivotal role in these topics, including mobility, cloud, the internet of things and networking will also be addressed.

Wednesday, July 1, Williams F1 Conference Centre, Didcot, Oxfordshire
No sector demonstrates innovation more precisely that Formula One. The UK dominates Formula One thanks to its culture of creating innovative engineers and technology leaders. Amongst the pioneering teams from the UK is Williams, which has won seven drivers world championships and nine constructors' championships.  Thus the Williams HQ in Didcot, Oxfordshire is a fitting venue for a day-long event focusing on innovation and the CIO's role in creating an innovative culture. Amongst the speakers will be the head of IT for Williams Graeme Hackland, as well as Rob Aston, CIO from Barclaycard who will describe how his organisation changed the environment to be more creative, something fellow speaker Richard Norris of Reliance Mutual also did in the insurance sector and CIO 100 panel member Mike Altendorf will be describing his experiences of working with CIOs and startups.

Wednesday, July 1, The Renaissance Hotel, London
The CIO has to ensure organisations are able to increase and improve their customer focus, whilst fully exploiting the investments the organisation has made into major information management tools such as Enterprise resource planning (ERP). Transformational CIOs understand and embrace the need for their department to be a key part in the experience customers have of organisations.  As the business leaders responsible for the information organisations capture and own, CIOs are well placed to benefit the customer experience, whether through new digital channels or existing business models.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools have been one of the largest and most significant information management investments and implementations that CIOs have taken part in over recent years. This CIO roundtable dinner is an opportunity to explore the methods and best practices being used to extract maximum insight and value from the information organisations have and capture in their ERP tools.
Data analytics has been cited as one of the key priorities for CIOs over the forthcoming financial year. At this CIO roundtable dinner, sponsored by SAP, you will be able to discuss with your peers the strategies they are pursuing to develop strong data analytics and information strategies.

Wednesday, July 8, The Renaissance Hotel, London
Consumer behaviour has changed drastically as a result of services such as Amazon, or Apps like Uber and hardware from the major mobile device producers. The expectation of the consumer has been driven by these experiences and the consumer expect a similar experience from any organisation they transact with. The complexity of the financial services market means creating that modern customer experience is challenging, but as this will discuss, not impossible. This roundtable dinner event completes the CIO UK summer of thought leadership and will be an opportunity to discuss with peers how the back end business processes and the technologies CIOs operate have to be modernised to meet the needs of the customer. The debate will also consider the business challenges of major projects, the costs associated and the strategies CIOs must consider.

Wednesday July 15, The Renaissance Hotel, London
Security is high on the CIO's agenda at present. The recent CIO 100 survey of the UK's most transformative CIOs by this title found that 56% of the CIO 100 had detected a major cyber intrusion over the last 12 months.  Information security risks can come from inside the organisation too, but it is critical in today's customer centric economy for the CIO to enable remote access to systems and information. The role of the CIO as the enabler of greater flexibility in the way the organisation works, whilst also protecting the organisation from information security risks will be debated at this CIO only round table dinner.

Previous events in the programme

Thursday, June 18, DWF LLP, Manchester
Embracing the digital agenda is key for CIOs to central the organisation and relevant. If CIOs do not embrace the new wave of customer and business services that are entirely digital they risk being demoted to an operational manager. Former Sainsbury's CIO Rob Fraser, CTO of rapidly growing law firm DWF LLP Richard Hodkinson and business advisor Gareth Lloyd will debate in Manchester how the CIO must adapt their skills and strategies to meet the growing digital agenda.

Wednesday, June 24, The Langham Hotel, London
Mobility offers organisations an opportunity to improve its business processes. But just as the workforce is empowered, so too are your customers. CIO UK's first event has two leading CIOs present their strategic visions around these two ends of the spectrum of mobility impact. Andrew Turner (full profile article here), former CIO of Hiscox insurance and now IT Director of Crossrail will describe how the mobile strategy he and his team has put in place is ensuring that Europe's largest civil engineering project is on its platform on time, but is also one of the safest rail construction projects to be in operation. Bourne Leisure CIO Clive Mitchell (CIO 100 entry here) will describe how he has helped its organisation not only provide mobility as part of the modern holiday experience, but also help the organisation understand what the impact of a mobile empowered clientele is.


CIO UK is able to produce this summer of thought leadership as a result of significant partners who are supporting this initiative.  These leaders in business technology will not only be supporting the events, but providing their own thought leaders to share the best practices they have seen in a multitude of industries and give insights into the business technology projects they are involved in. Blackberry is supporting the June 24 debate on Securing the Virtualised Business, Box is partnering for the June 11 Delivering Change debate, CTO Richard Hodkinson is kindly hosting the CIO Plus digital debate in Manchester, whilst BT is both a sponsor of the Williams F1 team and the CIO Innovation debate on July 1 and Syntel is joining CIO UK for the process modernisation round table dinner on July 8.

To attend these events please contact CIO UK's event manager Amie Lane.